Weekly Motivation – Bodyweight Exercises and Post Workout Nutrition Tips

2013-01-25 18.00.55

Hope you all had a great week! I missed you on Monday and Tuesday – the stomach bug finally got me! I’m back in the game now, though, and excited to work out with you all. We had an amazing RPM training last weekend, and we have three new RPM Les Mills tribe members- Kristina Moseley, Evelyn Mizell and Becky Chance! You will see them around and up team teaching as they work toward their final RPM certification in the coming months. Please congratulate them – all three of them passed and did an awesome job.

I am back on Saturdays starting tomorrow, so hope to see you all for 8:30am RPM and 9:30am BODYPUMP teaming with the one and only GinoI have some heart pumping, calorie incinerating tracks lined up. If you have any last minute requests, send them my way. It is going to be a great time – so carve some time out for yourself this weekend and start it off right.
My upcoming classes:
8:30am RPM
9:30am BodyPump with Gino and me
9:30am CXWORX
9:30am RPM
8:30am BodyPump
5:30pm RPM
Articles of the Week
Four Reasons Why you Should be Doing Bodyweight Exercises
Interesting article about post workout nutrition…
Post Workout Nutrition for People with GI Issues
Recipes of the Week
If you are on Facebook, bookmark this page! A really great resource with tons a healthy recipes and tips all in one location. This is where I get a lot of my inspiration for healthy recipes, and it is now all in one place. If you are on FB with me, this page is also on my wall, so go look for it…

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