Have you ever heard me or any of the other Les Mills instructors at Gold’s say this and wonder what we’re talking about?
This is the LES MILLS mantra – our values. Through group fitness classes like BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, RPM, CXWORX, etc. Les Mills classes change the lives of millions of people in more than 150,000 clubs across 80 countries. It is about creating a fitter planet – one workout at a time.
So what do these values really mean? It is hard to describe, but when you put life aside for an hour and lose yourself in the atmosphere, in the music, in the energy you have when you’ve finished a great workout and have that sense of accomplishment, you will know what it means….and I know most of you have or you wouldn’t be receiving this! J
Let’s break it down…
ONE TRIBE – the Power of the GROUP – we always do it together, working toward one goal. We are one big fitness family – we challenge one another and we work together – we unleash ourselves in the workout, the music, TOGETHER – ONE TRIBE.
BE BRAVE –  Never settle. It is not about just stepping up to the plate but stepping out of the box. Be BRAVE – do something that scares you. Take the challenge and make the change – don’t just talk about. Do it!
CHANGE THE WORLD – Together, with our group fitness programs, we can do anything. We are all working toward the same goal to create a fitter planet.
 I share this with you so you can understand a little bit more about the power of what you are a part of with our group classes. YOU are part of the tribe – and together we are creating that change. Along the same lines, I wanted to share this “pep talk” video with you. It epitomizes the ONE TRIBE. BE BRAVE. CHANGE THE WORLD. mantra. Definitely worth the three minutes to watch. Words to live by….
“What will you create to make the world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there!
 This is your time. This is my time. This is our time. We’ve got work to do…we can cry about it or dance about it. So get out there and get to it…
Join me tonight for 5:30pm RPM and lets get to it!
My upcoming classes:
5:30pm RPM
9:30am CXWORX
9:30am RPM
8:30am BodyPump
5:30pm RPM

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